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A Baby carrier with pockets. Because parenting should be easy.

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Rings Slings:

The FASTEST adjustable carrier for NEWBORNS though TODDLERS.

Wearable FACING IN, OUT, or on your HIP.

ADJUSTABLE to a perfect fit every time, for a wide range of caregiver and child sizes.

PRACTICAL, allowing you to use the tail as a nursing cover, sunshade, or cushion for head support.

COMPACT enough to fit in your diaper bag.

Why Maya Wrap?

BREATHABLE, SOFT, COLORFAST 100% cotton hand-loomed fabric is comfortable with no need to break it in or set the dye.

WIDE HEMS are easy on baby's legs and won’t leave red marks.

The LIGHTLY PADDED RING SLING cushions your shoulder and naturally spreads the tail across your back. It is wonderful for new ring slingers.

The COMFORTFIT RING SLING allows greater movement and flexibility while still cushioning your shoulder.

FOUR SIZES give petite through plus size babywearers the perfect length ring sling

The ZIPPER POCKET holds diapers, wipes, and your phone so you can leave your bag at home.  

CONTRASTING EDGES make it easy to keep from twisting your sling.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION includes durable fabric, individually tested rings, and careful craftsmanship by the same manufacturer for 25 years.