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9 Things You Need to Survive the Arrival of Another Baby

When baby #2 comes along, life gets just a little crazy. Take it from this two-months-postpartum mama, adjusting to two tiny lives to care for is a major culture shock and is enough to seriously deprive you of your sanity (not to mention self care).

That said, there’s a whole big internet out there just FULL of things to make our lives easier, and mama — you’re going to need all the help you can get.

#1 — A Ring Sling

First of all, forget lugging an infant car seat with you while you chase your toddler down in Target — you’re going to need a baby carrier.

Buckle carriers are great, but when babies are young, they require a lot of support, and most prefer the snug embrace of a wrap or sling. If you’re not crazy about all of that wrapping and tying that comes with a long wrap, ring slings are the way to go.

They’re super fast and easy to put on, lightweight and cool in the summer, and perfect for newborns. The best part? You can totally put your eyeliner on while you hold your baby.


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#2 — Friends for Your Kid

One of the hardest (and saddest) parts of the arrival of baby #2 is how hard it is to spend time with your older child. If your spouse works or you’re a single mom, you can ensure your kid has someone to play with to alleviate some of the guilt. Network with local moms in your area, put out a tray of fruit and cheese, and invite a few other toddler moms over for a play date.

#3 — Frozen Family Meals

Cooking was hard with one baby, but with two? I don’t think I cooked for a month.

If you’re that mom who has it together and never puts a late meal on the table, you go mama. But for the rest of us, frozen catered meals can be a lifesaver.

That’s right — many caterers sell premade frozen dinners! Talk to a few in your area and see what their menus look like. They’re surprisingly affordable, totally customizable, ready to cook, and taste a million times better than anything you can get in the frozen foods section at the store.

#4 — A Great Tandem Stroller

Double strollers are great, but toddlers don’t always want to play ball and sit strapped in a seat. Even more challenging, many double strollers aren’t newborn-ready, meaning you have to wait a loooong six months until baby can sit up to use one.

Joovy’s new Caboose S is the perfect solution — a tandem stroller with a bench seat for toddlers, optional rear seat when you just want them to STAY PUT, and an optional bassinet for newborns. It keeps both kids in the same place at the same time safely, is totally customizable, and will make mall trips and going to the park SO much easier.

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#5 — A Toddler Carrier

If a stroller is more than you need some days, tandem babywearing is a skill you’re going to want to learn. It takes practice, but once you get comfortable wearing a toddler on your back and a baby on your chest, it’s a lifesaver.

Practice at home with someone to help, and invest in a toddler carrier for your big kid.

#6 — A Great Baby Monitor with an App

Second children are remarkably well-seasoned to noise and can nap through pretty much anything. That said, if you’d like your sweet little baby to get a little uninterrupted shuteye, you’ll need a baby monitor so you can watch both kids at the same time.

Secure your wifi network and get a baby monitor with a mobile app that’ll let you keep an eye on baby with your phone (it’s the greatest thing ever).

#7 — A Great Coffee Thermos

Drinking a hot cup of coffee when you’re a new mom is hard enough, but with a toddler? You’re gonna need a really killer travel mug.

This super insulated travel tumbler from Yeti will keep your coffee hot for hours. Trust me, and invest in your own sanity here.

#8 — A Bigger Bag

Two kids, even if one’s out of diapers, will definitely mean more stuff. Changes of clothes, toys, snacks, all the things. Take it from the mama who broke the zipper cramming her last diaper bag full of stuff — just size up.

The Ju-Ju-Be BFF diaper bag can be worn as either a backpack or messenger bag, is crazy cute, and has plenty of room for two kids’ worth of stuff.

#9 — Eyelash Extensions

Oh yea, I’m going there. Self care inevitably falls off your radar when you’re a new mom as it is, let alone makeup and cute clothes. New moms swear by lash extensions. When you don’t have time to do much more than brush your teeth and put on a shirt without spit up on it, lash extensions make you look awake and put together.


What did you need to survive that first year of being a mommy to two? Help other moms with great tips and suggestions in the comments below!