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Help! How Do I Wash My Ring Sling?

Google “How to wash a baby carrier” and you’ll get all sorts of specific advice. “Spot-clean only!” “Swirl it in vinegar in your tub!” “Use soap nuts!” “Never ever ever put it in a dryer!”

Our handwoven cotton ring sling lines are made to be easy to use and easy to care for. First, slip a baby sock over the metal rings to avoid hearing CLINK CLANK CLUNK as they tumble around. Detergents with optical brighteners can sometimes leave marks on carriers just as they can on clothes, so if that’s a concern, you can use a detergent without them. Use cold water to avoid shrinking, and line dry for the same reason. If you feel like it, you can iron after drying–it’s not mandatory, but it does make the fabric glide through the rings.

Yes, that’s super short. Washing a ring sling is really that easy! A ring sling is a tool, and we expect them to be used in all sorts of sloppy situations. Don’t let fear of The Big Wash keep you from living your fun, messy, exciting life!

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