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How to Prepare Your Ring Sling

When you use a ring sling, the little things you do before putting your baby in can have a BIG impact on your experience!

Sarah doesn’t need much slack to fit her newborn in her ring sling!

Start by examining the ring sling and checking that it’s threaded correctly. To put it on, place one arm through and pull the loop over your head. You can have the fabric resting on either shoulder; most people prefer the right-hand side, but we like switching now and then.

The rings should be at or slightly higher than corsage (or armpit) level, depending on which method you use to tighten. Your ring sling’s tail should hang down in front, with the pocket facing forward.

Having the ring sling mostly tightened before placing your little one inside makes it much easier to get everything done quickly—minimizing the amount of time you’re adjusting things while holding a wiggly baby! To tighten it the right amount, bend your arm at the elbow and put it into the ring sling. Hold it out at about the distance your baby takes up, and tighten the ring sling around it.

Now, you’re all ready to go! Your ring sling is on, untwisted, facing the right direction, and pre-tightened. You can choose your carrying position and be on your way!

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