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Sick of Nagging your Tween? This 3-Step Method Stops the Struggle

As a parent, how do you get your child to do what you want without resorting to constant nagging? A recommended approach involves three steps: Listen, Limit, Listen. First, listen to your child. Next, set limits with your child, but do so warmly. Last, listen again if your child is upset. This may sound unproductive, but remember, children spend a lot of time in school where they are forced to comply with a seemingly endless series of rules. When they get home, they have had their fill of compliance. Nagging only makes things worse. Focus on the important things and try taking a playful approach to setting limits. Also, try not to let your own life troubles interfere with your relationship with your child.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remember that you are communicating with a person who is developing a value of their own time and interests
  • Set limits and communicate expectations and why these are important to you and the Tween.
  • Approaching the issues as a communication and not a correction is more productive, people liked to be asked and feel needed, not dictated too

“Nagging our older children is one of those things which can seem so tempting and justified.”

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