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Should I Tell My Kid That Something’s Wrong?

Break-ups, prejudices, money problems, illnesses, and death—adult life is messy. For older generations, it was seen as pivotal to keep these things hidden from the kids—but now we know that children catch on to things quickly, and that parental secrecy often just means that they don’t feel comfortable coming to us about their worries. First, […]

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Breastfeeding-Safe Medication Guidelines, Right in Your Pocket

All throughout pregnancy, we have to check and double-check what goes into our bodies and balance our needs with the needs of our babies. It doesn’t stop once they’re born! Breastfeeding moms still have to check their meds for safety issues. Sometimes even health care providers aren’t exactly sure what is or what isn’t safe, […]

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No Kisses, Please–Keep Those Germs Away!

You know the old joke—“For my firstborn, I sterilized the pacifier when it fell on the floor. For my secondborn, I blew on it. My thirdborn just licks the floor directly.” By the time kid two and three roll around, parents find their comfort level in terms of exposure to germs. There’s a lot of […]

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