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This One Simple Trick Will Make You Love Your Ring Sling (No, Really)

Everyone’s body is different, so it’s not surprising that we may need to tweak our baby carriers to get a perfect fit! This is the first tip I recommend when troubleshooting. It’s simple, fast, and makes a huge difference. 


Here it comes…

Just adjust the sling so the fabric is fully cupping your shoulder, instead of sitting mostly on top.

That’s it! You can do it before the baby is in, or after, if you forget (if after, you will probably need to loosen, yank the fabric down while supporting the baby with your other hand, and re-tighten). You should feel the weight shifting  away from your neck. I call it the OHHH moment, after all the parents who say, “OH, THAT’S how it’s supposed to feel!”

A bonus of keeping your shoulder cupped is that the fabric around your baby is held at a wider angle, giving her a better “seat” and keeping wiggly babies more secure.

This doesn’t mean if you prefer your shoulder uncupped, that you’re doing it wrong—far from it! If you’re comfortable and your baby is secure, enjoy yourself! But if your neck is aching or your baby always seems to wiggle out, give our tip a try, and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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