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Top 5 Moments of Early Parenthood (Plus One More)

Babies and toddler life gets real, but what about those perfect moments that you only get in the first few years? Here are five early parenthood moments I’m missing hard, now that my boys are growing older.

That moment when first they ask for YOU.
Speaking it, signing it, giving you that look—it doesn’t matter how the communication is happening, just that it’s so, so sweet when it does.

When they run to the door to welcome you home.
Parting sucks, especially if you’re not ready for it. Seeing your baby get super excited and dance around the house just because you’ve come home? YES, PLEASE.

The first time they taste something sour.
This was the one milestone I didn’t expect to be so adorable. The first time my son tasted lemon rice soup, I think his taste buds tried to back straight off his tongue! The dramatic transition from “HEY, FOOD” to “WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY?!” to “MORE PLEASE!” was hilarious.

Big wet kisses.
As a kid, I dreaded soggy kisses on the cheek from relatives. So why are my baby’s open-mouthed slobbery ones the absolute best?

Pretending to eat toy food. Yes, baby! I definitely want this ice cream sandwich covered with lettuce and hot dogs! Grilled cheese soup? Yes, please!

and one more…

Snuggling in the ring sling.
My youngest is four and a half now, and our babywearing days are few and far between lately—only when he’s sick, very sleepy, or if we have a long day out at the zoo. He’s outgrowing the need for constant contact—and I’ll will miss it, even as I’m so proud of the confident child he’s become.