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All clearance sales are final. 

Handwoven wraps, wet bags, ring covers, and fabric bands for your ComfortFit sling to mix up your look. . . These are some of the things we've loved but are closing out. We also have some closeout ring sling colorways in limited quantities. 

Don't miss our size small slings. They are overstocked and deeply discounted throughout the site -- you can check out our sizing page to see if they'll fit you and purchase them from any of our ring sling product pages, but they are not listed with the clearance items below. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

A good deal is the spice of life! We understand the thrill of the hunt, and today, you’re going to bag yourself the baby carrier of your dreams for an amazing price. We’ve collected every single sale, discount, coupon, and clearance item together, just to make it easier for you. Get different colors for special occasions, a different size for some variety, or stock up for your friends’ baby showers!
You’ll find wraps, meh dai (mei tais), and even ring slings with a variety of weaves, so take your time browsing. Some sales are limited-time promotions, some are for discontinued colors or carrier styles, and some are of gently-used returns, or samples that may have been used in photoshoots.
If you have any questions at all, reach out to our team—we’ve used every style ourselves.
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