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ComfortFit Maya Ring Slings

Why ComfortFit fits You:

The ComfortFit Gathered Shoulder has a unique-to-Maya spandex inner panel that cushions your shoulder and moves with you for superior comfort and practical care-giving. Who doesn’t need greater flexibility? In the ComfortFit, reaching out is no problem; the fabric stays on your shoulder instead of popping off! So grab that latte, toss your hair, and keep your kiddo close. Worried about it bunching into your neck? The removable cloth band adjusts the shoulder width from wide to narrow, so you can create a shoulder style that’s exactly what YOUR body needs (without bunching!).


The ComfortFit ring sling has our signature zippered pocket for all things you need within arms reach: paci? Check. Phone? Check. Wallet, keys, spare diaper and wipes? Check, check, CHECK!


We believe ring slings are the best “up-down” carrier for all those times when your tot needs to be held . . . and put down . . . and held again. Slip it on, slip them in and don’t miss a beat. Rated for 7-35 lbs, you can begin your snuggles from day 1! Did you know each of our slings has been individually tested to 250 pounds and are compliant with CPSIA and ASTM standards? So you can keep carrying them well into the scraped knees and “hold me please!” phases.


We know you’ll love our no-fuss, cotton for a super soft all weather feel that can be tossed in the wash over and over, and over again. Your sling is 100% hand-loomed in the highlands of Guatemala by indigenous Mayan weavers. These artisans create color-fast, easy-care fabrics and designs with the most beautiful hues, characteristic of this vibrant ancient culture. Our strict devotion to the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) has fostered thriving indigenous support and lifelong friendships with our team in Guatemala. Hand-spun, dyed, hand-loomed and sewn in the same region, with the same hands for over 25 years, every fiber of your Maya is made with love. 

So carry on, and hold your little love, with Maya love.

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