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Honor Collection

Honoring Origins:

Your sling is 100% hand-loomed in the highlands of Guatemala by indigenous Mayan weavers. Maya Wrap maintains a partnership with the same artisans year after year- no price shopping, no shifting seasonal work. These artisans create color-fast, easy-care fabrics and designs with the most beautiful hues, characteristic of this vibrant ancient culture. Our strict devotion to the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) has fostered thriving indigenous support and lifelong friendships with our team in Guatemala. Hand-spun, dyed, hand-loomed and sewn in the same region, with the same hands for over 25 years, every fiber of your Maya is made with love. Our honor collection is a growing tribute to the individuals we work with, the Mayan culture, region, way of life, and above all, the harmony and love between cultures working together. 

So carry on, and hold your little love, with Maya love.

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