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Instructions Page

Learning to use a baby carrier is like learning to ride a bike. It takes practice but is soon second nature.

  • Consider practicing with a doll before you carry your baby.
  • Practice next to a couch or a bed.
  • Continually support your baby until you are confident.
  • Ensure you and baby are rested and fed before you begin.
  • Use a mirror or a partner to help while you are learning.
  • Always be aware of your baby’s positioning and body language.

Whether you prefer print instruction or video, you can find it on this page. You might also like to check out our social media for more tips and tricks or join our Maya Wrap Fan Chat Facebook group and ask questions or share photos there.

Of course, always feel free to reach out to us if you find you can’t quite get the hang of your ring sling — our customer service team is made up of experienced babywearers who are ready to help!

Print instructions

Maya Wrap Baby Sling | Printable Instructions (PDF)


Maya Tie  (discontinued) | Printable Instructions (PDF)

Video instructions

Our instructional videos show you how to thread your sling, how to put it on, and how to carry your baby in several positions. These videos also cover important safety information as well as how to remove your baby from the carrier. There are additional videos showing how to breastfeed in your sling and demonstrating tips and tricks that are often helpful to our customers.

You can watch them all in order, or you can scroll down and choose the video you’re most interested in.

Safety information for your sling

Cautions for newborns

Threading your Maya Wrap baby sling

Putting your sling on

Breastfeeding with your ring sling

Kangaroo Carry

Hip Carry

Removing baby from your sling

Helpful tips and tricks

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