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Compare ring sling shoulder styles

Ready to choose your sling but don’t know where to start? We have two ring sling shoulder styles, thoughtfully designed based on 25 years of customer feedback. 

Rest assured that Maya Wrap ComfortFit and Lightly Padded slings are both easy to use, easy to adjust, and supportive for babies of all ages! Both slings have our signature pocket on the tail. 

The differences between the two shoulder styles are mainly a matter of personal preference -- a sleek, pre-fitted shoulder (Lightly Padded Sling) or a versatile, adjustable shoulder (ComfortFit). 

ComfortFit vs. Lightly Padded ring sling shoulder styles

compare ring sling styles


The Lightly Padded shoulder style is grab-and-go

Our Lightly Padded shoulder style is sewn into a sleek, pre-folded shoulder cap. The shoulder area is lined with a plush, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool while it absorbs your child's weight. 

The shoulder lining helps ensure the fabric stays well spread at your back and the preformed design is easy to sit on the outside of your shoulder. Although the width and shape of the shoulder can't be customized, the design is grab-and-go. 

maya wrap lightly padded ring sling shoulder style

Maya Wrap's ComfortFit shoulder adjusts to fit the wearer

Our ComfortFit ring sling shoulder style is not complicated to use. Like the Lightly Padded slings, there is a sewn-in shoulder lining for support and the sling goes on quickly and easily once it's adjusted. 

The lining of the ComfortFit slings is lightweight and moisture-wicking but also stretchy, hugging your shoulder and allowing you to pull the fabric down lower on your arm while still having the flexibility to move your arm. 

The design can be spread wide over your shoulder and back for extra back support, or it can be bunched narrower, like the Lightly Padded style, if you prefer less fabric or you like a smaller fabric cap at your shoulder. This is achieved using the stylish band included with each sling, as shown in the image below. 

The adjustment is easy and takes only a moment, and the sling does not need to be adjusted each time you use it. 

maya wrap comfortfit sling

Still not sure which shoulder style to get? We have a quiz for that!

Choose a ring sling shoulder style quiz