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Gently Used

We’re known for our long-lasting products, our generous exchange policy, and our accessible pricing. Put those all together and you get the Previously Loved collection.  We’ve gathered together our “just tried on and need a different size” returns, our “Can I upgrade to a different style?” exchanges, and our “just worn for the length of a photoshoot for the website” sample carriers and list them here at a deep discount, just for you! In exchange for a ring sling that may not be folded as precisely as the brand-new ones, you save up to $40.
Let us add a bit of spice to your life! You choose your size and pattern (stripes or solid) and we’ll send you a mystery color from that selection! If you’re very lucky, you’ll even get a hard-to-find out-of-stock color. Gently used baby wraps and carriers have the same year-long guarantee as new Maya Wrap slings, and the DVD and instructions are included, just as they are with new ones.