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Ring Sling Sizing

Ring sling sizing depends on two things: 1) your body size, and 2) whether you prefer to have a tail that's long or short. The same size Maya Wrap sling will support your baby from the time he is an 8-pound newborn until he is a 35-pound toddler or preschooler. Ring sling sizes MAY NOT correspond with your clothing size, so if you fall between sizes on our chart or want to read more about sizing, you can read more below. 

HOW TO MEASURE: Use a measuring tape to circle your chest, placing the measuring tape under the armpits and across the fullest part of the chest. For the most accurate measurement, the tape must be level.

NOTE: Most people can comfortably wear either a size medium or a size large. If the color you want is only available in a size medium, but you fall into the size small in our chart above, you should be able to simply order the size medium. If you fall into the extra-large sizing and the color you want is only available in a size large, please contact us and we can tell you whether the size large will fit comfortably. 

Below, we have included images that can help you decide. The model shown is 5'6", 170 lbs., and she wears a size 14 in US women's clothing. Note: you may want to have a slightly longer tail to cover your chest during nursing. If you are using it as a nursing cover, the tail should reach at least to mid-thigh.


Your perfect sling size

Our baby carriers support your baby by wrapping around the two of you like a hug. Therefore, the size you need is based purely on the length you need to encircle you both around one shoulder. 

Your sling has a "tail" in addition to the part hugging you and your baby -- this is the fabric that hangs down from the rings. Most people prefer for the tail to fall about mid-thigh, but you can decide if you want a shorter tail (at least 12") or a longer tail. You may like to size down if you prefer a shorter tail, or size up if you prefer a longer tail.