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mother with toddler in Luis Lightly Padded Ring SlingTwenty-nine years ago, Susan carried her first baby in a carrier, and loved the closeness and bonding, but hated the discomfort. She discovered rings slings and, after her second child was born, started Maya Wrap, the first company to sell open-tailed ring slings.

Maya Wrap knows that babywearing isn’t a special-occasion sort of thing—it’s an everyday tool that helps you get through the day with joy! We’re known for our two proprietary comfy shoulder styles to keep parents happy—and our huge zippered pockets, big enough to fit phone, diapers (even cloth!), bottles, and wallets! The secret to your baby’s happiness is our soft hand-loomed cotton fabric and wide hems, which give your baby’s legs that little extra bit of padding without sacrificing functionality.

At Maya Wrap, we have a deep love for children and families of all types. We know that modern families can feel a little isolated, and we want to be your village —reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to help you.

There’s nothing like that golden feeling of knowing your baby is completely content and in their favorite place—resting right on you. Let us help you find your joy in the journey.