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Wet Bags

One of our favorite accessories, baby wet bags provide a convenient way to tote along cloth diapers, snacks, swimsuits, pump parts, or anything moist that you need to keep from leaking or dripping on the rest of your things!

Maya Wrap zippered wet bags have a beautiful 100% cotton handwoven exterior, made to match our lightly padded ring slings, or contrast for a great pop of color! A waterproof inner lining and secure zipper closure keep all the yuck firmly inside.

Small wetbags fit easily in your ring sling pocket, with room to spare. Use them for a single diaper, soggy bibs, extra baby outfit, or as an earth-friendly reusable snack bag! Medium wetbags fit swimsuits for the whole family, several kids’ worth of sandy, muddy shoes, or 8-10 cloth diapers! Pack it in your diaper bag, or use the snapping loop to attach them onto your ring sling to be completely hands-free!