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Olive Green ComfortFit Sling
Olive Green ComfortFit Sling
Olive Green ComfortFit Sling
Olive Green ComfortFit Sling
Olive Green ComfortFit Sling
Olive Green ComfortFit Sling

Olive Green ComfortFit Sling

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Award-winning and parent-recommended, Maya Wrap ring slings simplify even the toughest days with little ones.  Unlike other carriers, there are no complicated snaps, buckles, or ties to fiddle with. You can wear your little one in a variety of positions; newborn, infant, outward-facing, and hip carries make Maya Wrap ring slings a fast, customizable way to carry your baby in comfort and style!

We use 100% cotton because natural fibers are easily cared for and are comfortable in all climates, transitioning from summer to winter with ease.  

This is the perfect baby sling for new babywearers and is also loved and recommended by even the most skilled wearers. It is easily adjustable for caregivers of all body types and sizes. Whether you’re recovering from childbirth or spending a long day at the zoo, you can hold your children close from 8 lbs. through 35 lbs., birth to preschool!
Speaking of features--the large zipper pocket can easily fit a phone and wallet, diapers and wipes, extra bibs and snacks, or whatever you need to store. Clip your keys or a teething toy onto the rings for easy access! The flowing tail can also be used as a nursing cover, wrapped around the rings, or tucked around to shield your baby’s legs from the weather. And the whole sling rolls up easily to fit in your purse or diaper bag! 

Whether you are looking to free up your hands or buy that special shower gift, rest assured that we pay meticulous attention to detail and safety.   

The ComfortFit Ring Sling is our newest design, a soft gathered shoulder with a small spandex panel insert. This gives your arm a greater range of motion, since the shoulder stretches with you! You can also adjust the width of the shoulder by sliding the removable fabric band up or down—giving you the exact shoulder width that works for your body! If you love the standard Maya Wrap Lightly Padded shoulder feeling, with its narrow width and cushy feel, you slide the loop up! If you prefer a gathered shoulder to spread out with its sturdy support, slide it down!

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Sizes
Maya Wrap Ring Slings are all the same width - 30 inches / 76 cm wide.  The only difference between sizes is in the length of the tail! Ring sling sizes do not correlate to clothing sizes, so choose your size according to your desired tail length.  Please see the sizing chart for images that can help you decide.   The model shown is 5'6", 170 lbs., and she wears a size 14. 

Small - 67 inches (170 cm)
Medium - 73 inches (185 cm)
Large - 79 inches (201 cm)
X-Large - 85 inches (216 cm)

Some parents like to have a slightly longer tail to cover their chests during nursing.  If you are using it as a nursing cover, the tail should reach to mid-thigh.

All of our rings are manufactured in the United States by SlingRings. SlingRings are made of anodized aluminum and each ring is tested to 250 lbs. 

Fabric and Care
Our handwoven fabric is cool and breathable and has just the right amount of give to be sturdy but soft for your precious baby.

Machine wash in cold water; line dry to avoid shrinking. Do not use fabric softener (which can cause the fabric to slip) or bleach. Iron as needed or wanted.

The dyes used in our fabric do not contain copper, nickel, lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, or any other poisonous substance.